HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

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Active Listening Prompt #10

Life is full of experience. People live life. The more of life you live, the more experience you will gain. No one is born with all of the knowledge that they have today. It is all learned and gained from experiences that they have. This is why it is important to meet as many people as possible in your lifetime. It is almost a guaranteed fact that someone you meet has some kind of experience and knowledge that you don’t.

I remember wanting to be a veterinarian when I was a child. I grew up and all through my kindergarten years to the beginning of my high schools years that dream thrived within me. However, I had no idea that it would be so hard. It is true when people say that you should listen to your elders. Not just out of respect, but for your own good. I was a good student in middle school, almost averaging a 4.0 in 8th grade. However, I remember one specific incident where one of my teachers told me one day that high school would be so much harder than middle school. Of course, being the know it all teenager I was I took their words for granted. When I started high school and I took my first biology class which would be necessary for me to become a vet, I started to realize that my teacher’s words were correct. I could not keep up with the high demand of attention and memorization that was required for the class. I passed it but at the end of that semester I no longer wanted to be a vet. This is why it is so important to listen to those who have lived through something that you will eventually face in your own life.

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Emotions Prompt #4

In the 21st century, the golden age of technology, a good amount of communication occurs within the internet. Email, texts, social media, etc. Various ways of connecting to people across the nations, but one of the biggest challenges that this generation faces is conveying emotions through texts. With the rise of emoticons, or emojis, people are able to add meaning to a text by selecting an emoji that closely resembles the way you feel when you sent the text.

Personally, I use emojis in almost every text that I send to my friends. I often use a laughing face, or a crying face, or a flushed face. I use these because most of the times I find things funny or so funny that it makes me cry, or I am just embarrassed or flustered from what someone sent me. I think for the most emojis are a positive reinforcement to a text. A text without emojis is much more serious and often is used between people that are not so familiar with each other or for example if a girl is angry at her boyfriend she would not use an emoji. However, there are ways that you could use an emoji offensively. The right combination of emojis (because there is one for like everything lol) can become offensive in meaning, but most of the time they are used positively.

Depending on who you are texting, emojis can be a good thing or they can take away from your intellectual appeal. If you are emailing a professor, it is probably best not to use an emoji because emails are more of a professional platform and would make you seem lazy. Emojis are more for use between friends or people that you are familiar with and not appropriate most of the time in a professional setting. There are always exceptions, so always be aware of who it is you are communication and use common sense.



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Perceiving Others Prompt #2

I remember times as a child that I would be mad at my siblings for always picking on me. Being the youngest of three 4 children was not easy to handle. Especially when it came to playing video games with my brother. I am a very competitive person and in my childhood I was the same. I hated to lose. I still hate to lose. However, there was one incidence that I can remember clearly where I misinterpreted an action from my brother stemming from my perception of his character.

In this particular event, me and my brother had just finished a game of Marvel vs Capcom. It is a fighting game that includes character from both the Marvel superhero universe and the Capcom branded superheroes. I had actually won the previous game so I was very excited to play again. Unfortunately, my brother said that he had to go. I was confused and angry that he was leaving when I wanted to continue to play. I actually hit him, not that hard, but I was unhappy. What I did not know was that he had to go to work and my interpretation of the incident led to me feeling hurt even though that was not his intention.  In past event, my brother would rage quit, meaning that when he was losing or he lost he would quit playing out of anger and frustration. This was common for both of us. Knowing that he often does that, I assumed that it was the same in this case and that was wrong of me to do so. I should have waited until I had all of the information and then I would have been able to interpret it correctly. I did not do that and it led to my mom selling our playstation at a garage sale.

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Friends Prompt #8


Having a “friends with benefits” relationship can be very tricky for multiple reasons. These types of relationships usually end in disappointment and no one is left with anything. Sure they can be fun for a while but they are neither beneficial or helpful in creating an actual relationship with that person since they more than likely end negatively.

No matter how much you say it is strictly just a ‘friendship’ and nothing else, one person always ends up developing feelings for the other person. Its really difficult maintaining a “friends with benefits” relationship because becoming so intimate with a person is something that humans can easily do whilst NOT developing an emotional attachment. Its hard to keep emotions out of these kinds of relationships due to the fact that you are sharing something so personal with someone else.

Having a relationship like this can also ruin your friendship. Since it’s just a friend with benefits, it eventually ends and then there’s that awkward time where you’re not really friends with the other person but your also not enemies either. There’s no future with that person in the relationship usually so it either dies off and becomes an awkward acquaintance sort of friendship.

My advice is don’t do, and if you are, don’t have any feelings for the other person and don’t plan on developing any feelings for them.

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Workplace Relationships Prompt#5

I consider most of my coworker’s friends because we actually care about each other’s well-being outside of work. I consider around two as possible best friends, I already have three of them, because we hang out constantly after work. We do text or Snapchat each other just to see how our days are going. We do communicate and tell each other personal stuff that you would not tell a normal coworker, there are some(mostly older coworkers) were it is just strictly professional. Peer relationships do not negatively affect my job satisfaction because being a shift supervisor I have to be fair with everyone even if I do like some more than others. I tend to be pretty professional with my job because that is what is required of me.

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Family Members Prompt #2

If I were to really think about it, I believe that I am closer to my friends rather than my family. Now before you think that I have anything against my family, I don’t. It’s just that the way I was razed was that we aren’t necessarily the most emotional family or maybe always doing family stuff,  because both of my parents work at different times so it is hard to do family stuff together. But anyways, there are certain things that I wouldn’t tell a family member that I wouldn’t mind telling a friend and vice versa. If I were to tell them that I did something that I am not supposed to do then they would not be happy, but obviously friends aren’t really going to care about that. The reason that I feel that I am closer to my friends than my family (granted my immediate family I would say I am close with such as my parents and brothers and sisters, but aunts, uncles, and cousins not so much), is that you choose you friends but family is family. No matter who they are you were born and raised with them. That and friends usually you share a lot of common interests with but with family that is not necessarily true. As for balancing different feelings for different family members, I suppose I am a lot quieter and less talkative with some of my cousins because we really don’t have anything in common. If I was hanging out with one of my brothers or my sister, I am more talkative and not so quiet because we actually have things in common. And if it were a family member that I didn’t get along with then I would probably just hold that emotion inside and act respectfully because that is just the way I was razed.

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Friends Prompt #2

The book states that friendships are less stable, more likely to change, and easier to break off than a family or romantic relationship. Some of these points I would agree with such as it being easier to break off, but it really depends on how deep the friendship goes. With a general friend that you aren’t really super close with then I would agree with that. However, if it is a best friend or even just a close friend it may be quite difficult to break off that friendship. Granted, you could just stop talking or communicating with the person but that still may not be very easy because the friend could be trying to reach out to you still. Also, you may feel very hurt on the inside from the breaking off of the friendship, so even though it may be easy to perform the action it will not be so easy in terms of emotional damage or impact. Stability wise, I think friendships are much more stable than a romantic relationship, because something that a friend could do to you could be a lot less damaging than say a romantic partner or a family member. Unless they were a best friend than maybe it could less stable depending on what they did. As for more likely to change, well I am honestly not too sure on that. I feel that my friendships have generally been the same, but my romantic relationships have changed over the course of the relationship. Though if I were to consider that my friends now are different than the friends that I had before then in that situation my friendship would have changed but if we are talking about the same friends than no they have stayed the same for the most part. Family relationships have also not really changed either, except maybe be treated more like an adult rather than a kid but that is more of an age thing really.