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My Family

My family is nuclear family, father, mother, younger brother, and me. My father liked joking, and always wanted to be close with me and my younger brother. Even though, he could not spend lots of time with our family due to work, he had interested, and supported our sibling; however, I and my bother did not talk to him often. We were young, and we were hiding our relationship with girls, and did not participate in family work. My father liked taking picture of us. He bought DSLR camera for family and himself. He may wanted to remember every moment we got together. We could not meet up often, because I and my younger brother both were in dormitory at high school. It results that we drifted father and father apart from each other. We were awkward when we talk to each other, and have nothing to say for each other. I went to the college at 18, where is quite far from my hometown. I barely went to home, and had no opportunities to meet up my family. Before I go to the army, I hear that my father get a skin cancer. My mother and father said that the cancer was not serious one, and could be fine if he go to the hospital; however, he could not be survived from cancer and died.

Since my father passed away when I was 18, rest of the members in family had gotten closer than before. We are trying to talk and hang out more often. Furthermore, we sometimes drink beer together to share some personal information. All things are for forgetting about reminiscence of my father. We were trying to be happier in spite of absence of a father, so we could feel comfortable sharing personal information. Compared with other family, I and my younger brother is much closer than others. We have same hobbies: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, which is Japanese martial art, and we both have interested in fashion. Whenever we found great clothes on sale, we had talked about it, and felt happiness.

I do not remember the reasons why I had bullying my younger brother so much, but I probably thought that he was my servant something like that. After realizing that he is one who has dignity and my brother at 9 years old, I stopped bullying him. We both are closer and better than ever, we like each other.

Indeed, when our family was not used to share personal information until my father dead. We did not realize that how family was important rather than personal works. After my father dead, we got closer and shared personal information. We do not feel awkward or uncomfortable anymore. We believed that the reunion of family is the gift from my father.