HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

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NonVerbal Communication: Prompt 3

I would not call myself a big touchy person when it comes to interacting and communicating with other people. Although, that statement slightly differs to the particular person i am interacting with. Touch comes with intention whether you are conscious of it or not. The intentions differ with the type of person or situation that is present, but the intentions are still there. Because of this, I am attentive when touching another person. I tap the person’s arm if I need to redirect focus, I high-five or fist bump a classmate or friend to make some contact with them but not too much, I hug the people who have the status in my life to warrant a hug as a casual greeting, or I hug the people in my life to show my love for them. For each type of contact, there is a reason behind why I do it. There’s not too much for people to think I’m handsy or touchy, but there’s not too little for people to think I shy away from contact. I believe it would have a lot of effect if I were to increase the amount of touching I do when interacting, because it would slightly change how people view me.

Understanding the functions of touch may help me improve my use of touch in personal and professional relationships because touch is a nonverbal communication code. Touch is just another means in which I can communicate and more communication would help better any type of relationship, so in understanding how touch can work to benefit a relationship is essential.

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Verbal Communication Prompt 8

My first language is english, a language that shows no stopping in its growth around the world and the knowledge that thousands of languages will be extinct by the year 2100 is saddening. Knowing that english is secure in the language apocalypse, I do not know how it would feel if the language I spoke all my life and the language I communicate with to the people around me were to disappear.

Although, I can sympathize and I would care if all these languages that encompass so many parts of the world’s history were to die out. These languages matter to so many groups of people around the world. Language is what represents culture and history and for it to simply slip away from the grasps of people is unacceptable. These languages that people claim as acceptable to die out hold so much more than they think. They interpret the knowledge of what we hold today. The wisdom that one language can contain is a substantial pool.

I would be scared if the english language was endangered like so many of the languages today. To know that by the time my grandchildren come around, the language I use to communicate with everybody around me was on its dying breathe and slipping away from the communicative world. I would feel a sort of disconnect. The words I speak would be treasured and put down in history as an an antique. If I knew english was endangered, I would take notice to the way I speak and be more appreciative of how my language allows me to do so much in the world.

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Emotion Prompt 9

Emotional sharing is not something I do often, which is not something I deliberately choose to do, but I just can’t help it. There are only a couple people in my life that I trust to share with what I feel. The short list includes my mother, my kid sister, my cousin and my bestfriend. Each person has their own little specialty of whom I would go to for whatever instance brought any certain kind of emotions. I realize now that I don’t think I’ve ever told any four of them the same information of a certain emotional sharing because of that reason.

I feel a lot, sometimes too much, but I’m always reluctant to share with even the people I trust most in the world. I’ve got it in my head that sharing might take the weight off my shoulders, but I’m only just shifting the weight onto their shoulders instead. So, why would I cause them to worry for my sake. Other reasons I don’t usually share is because I hold certain expectations as to how they should respond to what I have shared and if they don’t respond in that certain way then I feel as if I shouldn’t have spoken at all. That being said, I can operate the other way around. I encourage them to confide in me, to let me take some of the weight of their shoulders, gladly. This all does not constitute a healthy relationship i realize. That is why I’m upfront with the people in my that want to listen to what I have to share that they need to be patient with me.

The outcomes of this, when I finally spill my guts, is cathartic. I stay silent for so long, but when I finally open up to it all, it feels good and I ask myself why I ever stayed silent in the first place.

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Perceiving Others Prompt 3

I believe we all can contribute experiences towards being an outgrouper at least once in our lives. One experience of my own was when I moved schools in fourth grade. Now, fourth grade doesn’t seem like a big deal, but that experience has helped shaped me who I am today. Moving to a different school had proven to be difficult for me considering that I wasn’t very outgoing or eager to start all over. Being an outgrouper to an entire school was challenging. I did not have any friends to greet excitedly when they come to school. I didn’t know of any of the happenings that usually went down in the school, for example, weekly school assemblies and spirit days. I had to learn a whole set of different rules of the class and the entire school. The equipment and technology was more advanced and plentiful considering I had just came from a school less fortunate than that. The people there were even a little different from my old school. Their attitudes, even, were different. And me? How was I too acclimate into all of this. It was so much for me to take all in for my adolescent mind. So now, here I am in what seems like a totally different world and I feel stranded. My own self-esteem took a slight hit in the way that I seemed to subconsciously ostracize from the ingroupers before they even had a chance to get to know me. That affected my acclimation into this whole new school and it lasted quite a bit of time. It seems that I perceived the ingroupers as an already impenetrable wall that there’s no way that I can fit in with them. It wasn’t before my future best friend of thirteen years changed my mind about the whole situation. He brought me out of my bubble to make me realize that this is where I needed to be.

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Self-concept prompt 4


If a current or future employer were to use social media to investigate me, I feel the impression that I would make upon them would be positive. My social media life has nothing that would debilitate me from obtaining a job. The formats I use include: instagram, youtube, twitter and snapchat. All of these include funny light hearted posts, pictures of fun memories with clever captions, and videos posted for class assignments. I was told from an early start of forming all these accounts that they would affect me when it came time for acquiring a job, so I listened to the warning.