HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

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Workplace Relationships Prompt #4

In my workplace I would describe the climate to be both supportive and defensive. In my work, I believe that there is around five to six assistance managers and of course the main manager. I say that it is a little of both because it just depends on the manager that is working. For example, our main manager is the most supported manager in the store. She understands that a lot of us are going to college and are very busy with our school work. For example, if you have important homework to do or have to study for exam coming up you can just tell her and she would not even get mad about you not being able to go work. Basically if it is anything school related you can call into work to inform her you can’t  show up and she won’t even get mad. Also even though she is the boss of the store she respects all of the workers. On the other hand, sometimes you get to work with an assistant manager in which the environment would a defensive climate. He is very controlive of everything and can be abusive of his power. Honestly you can’t even have a small conversation with anyone because you’ll get in trouble. I feel that for some reason he needs to be in control and have power of everything. That’s just one of them the other assistant manager  are pretty chill to work with because they don’t abuse their power as assistance. As for which of the six dimensions of workplace climate  I think that number three is the one that described the climate of my work place. For the most part everyone is very collaborative with each other and none try to control people by using power.

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Managing Conflict and Power prompt #2

After taking the quiz “How Do You Approach Conflict?”, my top ways to manage conflict are accommodation and avoidance. I wasn’t surprised by the results, but I also think that it just depends on the situation of how I would handle conflict. For example, during work I would probably use accommodation more to resolve a conflict. Being a cashier at Little Caesars, I literal find myself getting in a conflict with a customer most of the time that I go which just sucks. During these interactions most of the time I would use some sort of accommodation. For example, if a customer is getting mad because they don’t like how the pizza was cut, it was not symmetrically cut into eight slices which actually happens, I accommodate the customer by asking what can we do to to make it better or to fix the problem. Which most of the time we end up giving them some free bread, wings or another pizza. Even though that particular customer was upset for some reason he still wasn’t being rude to me but this is not the case with other customers who because maybe they’re just having a bad day or their just being an asshole.  If there being destructive I would still try to accommodate with them, but with some customers I just can’t. I have seen instances where a customer would escalate the situation that easily could have been fixed. I remember this one weekend when the store was pack because three out of the four Little Caesars were closed to get remodel. I think the waiting time for one pizza during that weekend was around an hour. Anyways, I had just gotten to work and I was a cashier for about less than thirty minutes when this one customer came out of nowhere cut everyone in the line and started screaming that he wasn’t going to wait in line and that he wanted a pizza right now. The guy was just acting crazy bangging on the table, making a scene. So, I didn’t even try to handle the situation by accommodation. I think personally it depends on the situation on how I would react.


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Non verbal communication prompt # 2

After taking the self quiz “Are you an M-Time or a P-Time?”, the results showed that I am a M-Time person. I feel that it was until this semester that I really had to learn how to manage my time. Since in my other semesters I didn’t have classes that have been time consuming, I didn’t really need to have  a planner to keep me on schedule on the task I needed to do. But this semester has been a whole different story, I have just been so busy with my courses, and with my job. It’s not that the courses this semester are more difficult than in the past, it is more that some of my courses just take so much time to complete their work. Throughout the week when I am not in a class I usually have to  plan what I have to get done that day so I could stay on track with my work. This semester I was not able to work the same hours as usual because of school. I just couldn’t find enough time no more with everything thing I have to do, so I had to cut back the hours to be able to concentrate and finish my work. This sucks because I could use the extra cash but I guess it is better to pass my courses than the extra money. So far this semester is going better than it was at the beginning because I have been able to manage my time and keep me on schedule. Planning out my schedule might get a little tedious, doing the same thing over and over, but with this busy semester I don’t mind spending time organizing myself if it means staying on track.   

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prompt #1

Personally, if I ever had the opportunity to change my name I don’t think I would. I like my name Joaquin. I believe I got my name because my mom is really religious and Joaquin is the name of the  father of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I was also given this name because its my dads name. My name does get butcher and mispronounce most of the time but personally this would not be a powerful reason to want to change it. Even to this day if I would ask my own cousin, who at some point lived with me for awhile, how to spell my first name he would misspell my name. My cousin tend to replace the ‘o’ for a ‘u’. I would not want to change my legal name because my parents gave it to me for a reason. I do have both of my parents last names, Sanchez and Ibarra. So if I get marry, sure, I would consider hyphenating my name with my spouse. The thing is that I don’t know how I would do it, if I would leave both of my last names plus my spouse name. I think that would be a really long last name, but at the same time I don’t want to remove one of my last names because I don’t want get rid of part of my name.

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Prompt #4

Before taking the self quiz “Multitasking and Attention”, I would say that when I multitask it does affect my attention but I think that I’m still capable to stay on track sometimes.  For example, just as I am doing this assignment I am listening to music, watching  TV, and on social media. That’s something that I guess has become a habit of mine, using different things at the same time. I do notice that sometimes when I try doing different tasks at the same time I may not have the full attention to my original task and just drift off getting distracted but at the end I’m still able to complete the task I have to. After taking the “Multitasking and Attention” quiz, I got a score of five. According to the quiz, a five means that someone spends a lot of time multitasking and finds it difficult to stay focus on one task at at time. I wasn’t surprised with the quiz results as I do find myself multitasking sometimes too much  and this breaks up my focus of the original task. I do believe that I need do reduce my multitasking to help me be more attentive to my work. Some things that I could do to minimize my multitasking is to try to reduce the task I do at a time. I feel that it would be difficult for me to just focus one hundred percent to one task right now but I cut down on number of tasks I do. Something else that I could do is put down all technology down that I don’t need  when trying to accomplish something to stay focus. I do understand that sometimes doing many things would reduce my production of getting things done, so I would attempt  to focus my attention on just one thing at a time.

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Prompt 11

The times when I use suppression to manage my emotions  are when I’m at work. I currently work at Little Caesars as a cashier. Being cashier is not that bad, but the problem is that my work schedule is usually during the most busiest hours which is just horrible for me. I don’t mind being cashier, but the issue is that every time I go to work  there is always one customer that’s just rude. I’m just trying  be nice and give my best customer service to all customers  but for some reason I always get at least one customer that starts being all rude, giving attitude, or even sometimes screaming at me for some reason. In the outside I’m trying to look calm and control, but in the inside I just get frustrated and feel some anger. Thinking to myself you are really going to get mad because of something so simple. This is the moment that I suppress my emotions because I don’t want to let them out. I don’t  want the situation to escalate  plus I’m sure that I would get fired for arguing with customers . The result of  suppressing my emotions during  a situation is that well I didn’t get in an argument with someone by sort of keeping the situation under control.  I think suppressing your emotions is a good strategy in specific types of situations but not for the long term. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bottle up your emotions, because later on you might just explode with anger with any small thing that happens. But it can be good to use in different  types of situation. I believe that in the book Reflect and Relate  gave an example of two students who both wrote a paper and the one student who didn’t tried on the paper ended up getting a better grade than the student who actually tried. When the student who didn’t really tried found out he got a better grade than his friend he suppress his emotion of happiness  because he didn’t want his friend to feel bad since he got a bad score. So, I do believe that suppression as an emotion strategy has its good and bad, it just depends on on the situation you use it for.  


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Perceiving others (prompt #5)

From the following five personality traits: extroversion,  conscientiousness, openness,  agreeableness, and neuroticism,  the one I like about myself would be how openness I am. I would choose openness because I have always been the type of person that likes learning new things from others. Being the ideas, cultures, beliefs, of others. Or just simply things like the music I  enjoyed listening to which is compose of all types of genre, from country, classic rock, reggae, rock, to rap. I don’t think that one genre is better than another rather that everyone  has  their own preference . I was really curious of learning a new language, so on my  first semester of  college I decide to take Italian. Took it for three  semesters and  learned so much of their culture, lifestyle  and plus learned to speak an awesome  new language( I still need just a little more work but I’m getting there). I guess that the more I was being openness it help me to overcome my fear of heights. One day my friends and I decided to go to Great America which I was sort of on the fence because of the aspect of just imagining myself being so high up on the rides. At the same time I wanted to try something new, so I did. At the end I ended up having a really fun time with my friends . I don’t think that openness affects my perception of  the way I see others who have the same trait or people that don’t. For example, yes sure if I see someone else with the same trait I will probably get along with them more because we might have more things in common.  But if someone doesn’t really have the trait of being open that’s fine, I won’t have negative perception of them because they have their own reasons/ opinions for what they believe.

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Self concept

Some of  my favorite genre TV shows that I enjoyed watching would be sitcoms, drama, and  action series. A couple of my favorite comedy shows that I find myself watching again and again are How I met your mother, Friends, and  That 70 show.  I just enjoyed watching because  even though I already know what was going to happen throughout the episode, these shows still make me laugh like it was the first time I have ever seen them. Another type of genre that I find entertaining is drama. Shows like Breaking Bad, Prison Break, and  Lethal Weapon are some that grab my attention. Something that people can learn from me by knowing some of the TV programs I watch is for one that I like programs that can just  make me laugh and really like shows that are addicting. As the music I listen to many different kinds genre. I’m really into country, classic rock, reggae, rock, and rap. I don’t really have a favorite type of genre, rather if  I find a song or artist  that I enjoyed I will listen to them no matter the genre. What people learn about my music choices might be that I just really  enjoy diverse music. For the last part of the question, I do believe the media plays a big role in how people see themselves. With technology today there is all sorts of different types of social media that is available to people. Just to name a few there is Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, and so many more. For example, someone is going through a famous person social media account post  he or she might find themselves comparing their lives on their lifestyle, their looks which might cause a negative view about them, lowering down their self esteem and affecting their health. With all different types  advertisement of celebrities, models showing on what is to consider to be the ideal body shape, people might see it as you have to look a certain way to be accepted in today’s society. But that thing is that most of the models body weight it’s just unhealthy or just photoshop.