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Romantic Partners Prompt #1

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In relationships passion is important but is not above love in terms of what is necessary for a relationship to work. Couples can stay together forever when love is involved. If passion fades in a relationship, which does not necessarily mean in terms of sexual relations but just in the general gist of being passionate for each other. Love is basically the glue that will hold you together. I know many people who have been together for at least 50 years and still love each other like it was only yesterday that they were married. However, their passion is not as strong as it was 50 years ago because that is a long time to be married to someone and feel the same you felt about them in terms of passion. That does not mean that a relationship should end just because the passion dies. Some people would decide to call it quits then because they think that passion is the key to a successful relationship . Personally, I have never been in a relationship so I could never truly give a 100% true statement based on experience since I do not have it. I firmly believe though that love is the key to a long lasting relationship and truly determines the end result of a marriage.

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