HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Conflict and Power Prompt #1

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Usually conflict is something that people will try to avoid. Sometimes it is a good thing to have conflict in our lives because it teaches us so many valuable lessons that we will use throughout our lives. I personally do shy away from conflict, but I also do not run away from it. Most of the time I will do my best to find a resolution to a certain conflict I have with someone because it unsettles me and it leaves me feeling like something is not right. This is not the case with every conflict I have faced, sometimes it better to just walk away and cease communication with that person because it is within both of your best interests.

One particular conflict I had with someone began confusingly. A few years ago, me and this one guy, who I will call identification purposes, were not getting along. We went to the same church and we were a part of the same band. I had already known Bob for a couple years before that, but we rarely talked. Between us there was always a feeling of friction and a tense atmosphere for purposes beyond my own understanding. Over the years we had little incidents where he would call me names and then I would retaliate, but after these exchanges I always left feeling like I was less than I actually was. Recently, our conflict finally reached a tipping point and we had a big explosion of feelings reaching a high and we stopped talking for a couple of months. I was angry and never wanted to see Bob again. However, my father who has been a good counsel for me was able to sort through my own feelings and find a way for forgiveness. I then reached out to Bob a couple of months later and told him that I was sorry for whatever it was that I did and that I wanted us to be friends and he also apologized and ever since then we have been great friends. I used this as example that conflict can actually improve a relationship and is not always something to avoid.

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