HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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Family Members Prompt #2

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If I were to really think about it, I believe that I am closer to my friends rather than my family. Now before you think that I have anything against my family, I don’t. It’s just that the way I was razed was that we aren’t necessarily the most emotional family or maybe always doing family stuff,  because both of my parents work at different times so it is hard to do family stuff together. But anyways, there are certain things that I wouldn’t tell a family member that I wouldn’t mind telling a friend and vice versa. If I were to tell them that I did something that I am not supposed to do then they would not be happy, but obviously friends aren’t really going to care about that. The reason that I feel that I am closer to my friends than my family (granted my immediate family I would say I am close with such as my parents and brothers and sisters, but aunts, uncles, and cousins not so much), is that you choose you friends but family is family. No matter who they are you were born and raised with them. That and friends usually you share a lot of common interests with but with family that is not necessarily true. As for balancing different feelings for different family members, I suppose I am a lot quieter and less talkative with some of my cousins because we really don’t have anything in common. If I was hanging out with one of my brothers or my sister, I am more talkative and not so quiet because we actually have things in common. And if it were a family member that I didn’t get along with then I would probably just hold that emotion inside and act respectfully because that is just the way I was razed.

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