HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Workplace Relationships Prompt #4

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In my workplace I would describe the climate to be both supportive and defensive. In my work, I believe that there is around five to six assistance managers and of course the main manager. I say that it is a little of both because it just depends on the manager that is working. For example, our main manager is the most supported manager in the store. She understands that a lot of us are going to college and are very busy with our school work. For example, if you have important homework to do or have to study for exam coming up you can just tell her and she would not even get mad about you not being able to go work. Basically if it is anything school related you can call into work to inform her you can’t  show up and she won’t even get mad. Also even though she is the boss of the store she respects all of the workers. On the other hand, sometimes you get to work with an assistant manager in which the environment would a defensive climate. He is very controlive of everything and can be abusive of his power. Honestly you can’t even have a small conversation with anyone because you’ll get in trouble. I feel that for some reason he needs to be in control and have power of everything. That’s just one of them the other assistant manager  are pretty chill to work with because they don’t abuse their power as assistance. As for which of the six dimensions of workplace climate  I think that number three is the one that described the climate of my work place. For the most part everyone is very collaborative with each other and none try to control people by using power.

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