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Friends- Prompt #3

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I think you can have several different types of friends. Some examples are your class friends, close friends, and work friends. Your class friends are probably the people you see every other day. I know that in my case I don’t really know much about their personal lives. For example, I have a friend that has sat next to me since the first day of classes. The only things I know about her are her name, the city that she lives in, and where she works. I don’t know anything about her family or other personal information.  We usually only talk about things that are related to the class. I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t trust me, but because I never see her out of class. Since we aren’t that close I don’t think either one of us is comfortable telling each other our personal information. My close friends consist of people who I probably see every single day and have known for a while. These are the people that I share my deepest secrets with. We tell each other absolutely everything. Last semester I became really close with all my roommates. I had one roommate that would walk around with no pants on because she wasn’t shy at all. We were in a room full of just girls, so nobody really cared. With my work friends I was also very open. All of the people there were girls my age, so it was easy to get along. These girls pretty much ended up being like my close friends. We had a group chat with everyone and we all knew each other’s business. Not all work friends are like this though. I think that at work you don’t get to socialize as much, therefore your coworkers probably don’t know much about you besides the basic stuff. You also need to keep things on a professional level, so you probably act more calm and not crazy like you would with your close friends. A lot of people act a certain way around certain people. I know I’m more quiet and conservative around class friends, but I can be open and loud with my close friends and work friends.


One thought on “Friends- Prompt #3

  1. Hi Giselle, I agree with you on how there are different types of friends and how the relationships between those friends depend on how much time you spent with them. I can relate to class friends since a lot of times I don’t see my class friends outside of the class, so I never get to be close friends with them as to be able to share private feelings.


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