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Friends Prompt 2

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I used to believe that friends were forever and my mom used to tell me that I could not trust entirely in someone even if I call them “best friends.” My group of friends has always be really small. I grew up with three friends and I considered one of them my “best friend,” we went to kindergarten and elementary school together. We did everything together, and I truly believed that we were best friends but we start coming apart, and I started noticing that not everyone appreciates a friendship in the same way. I have experienced that in a lot of friendships jealousy gets in the way. Then, I moved to live to a different place and made new friends and once again I called someone my “best friend” but the same thing happened, and since that time I have not considered someone a “best friend.” I do have close friends, and I still keep in touch with friends that I am not as close anymore. So, I do agree that friendships are less stable and more likely to change. In the past five years my group of friends has been continuously changing. I think that friends are more accessible to break, and it is really hard to tell when someone is your true friend but I feel like friends cannot replace family because your family will always be there no matter what. Also, I think friendships are more likely to change than romantic relationships, or it might depend on the kind of romantic relationship because if you break up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, your friends will still be there. But when the romantic relationship is more meaningful, and you create a more profound bond then I feel like is less possible to break off because now you are sharing your life with someone else and you are relying on each other.


One thought on “Friends Prompt 2

  1. I definitely agree with what you said. I have also experienced friendships where jealousy gets in the way. Now a days, it’s hard to trust people because they constantly betray each other. I do think that if you break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend your friends will have your back. Sometimes, friends can become like family and you even trust them more than certain people


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