HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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Friends (Prompt #2)

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I am not the type of person to have many friends. It has pretty much been this way since I was in middle school. I have maybe one or two friends that I consider close, and one of them has become a bit distant, but she’s still my friend. I may know a lot of people, but they are just acquaintances. My mom always tells me that my best friend will always be her. I don’t really trust anyone with my personal feelings and emotions, and this is something that has always been true to me.

“Friendships are less stable, more likely to change, and easier to break off then family or romantic relationships.” I agree with what the textbook states, but there are also other things that I don’t agree with. I have experienced change with my friendship with my best friend. In high school, we would always hang out, and I was very close to her and her family and as was she. When my boyfriend and I first got together, he and I would rarely see other, so I still had time to spend with my best friend, and regardless, I would make time for her. Then, she got a boyfriend, and the change started to happen. The part that disappointed me the most is that he would hurt her so much emotionally and she would continue to go back to him. I became angry at her because it didn’t matter how many times I gave her advice and told her to leave him because she deserved so much better, she just didn’t care about my input or herself. Our friendship became less stable, and it sort of broke off a little because she would not text me or see how I was doing. Sometimes, challenges occur in your family and things happen, and people do not talk for some reason. In this case, the relationship would be less stable, but I feel it would be difficult to break off that tie with your family because they are your family. If I made a hierarchy between friends, romantic relationships, and family regarding which one is less stable, more likely to change, and which is easier to break off at the bottom, it would go like this:

Family, romantic relationships, and friends.

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