HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

perceiving Others

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Adrian Arellano

Hcom 214

Professor Rodger

March 5, 2018


One situation that i badly misperceived someone, was at one at my laundromats.  He was a white male and a latino man, at the time my landlord rose up my rent so sooner or later i was expecting someone to collect the money. I was pretty annoyed the whole day and really upset with my landlord, other than that he wanted to talk about some other issues he had on his mind. So first, the latino gentleman came in and i was going to attend to him, but then right after the white male came right behind him and i jumped right to him. I told the latino male to give a few minutes so I can talk to this landlord. So i approached the white male and told him why he had raised rent and what he needed to talk about, the white male was totally confused and told me “Dude I just wanna wash my uniform” so i apologized and turned back to the latino male. I apologized to him as well for the wait and asked “him what can do for you”? He told me that he’s here to collect his money, and why did i think  the white male was the landlord, I was totally embarrassed and i did not know what to say. Just the way they both looked i just assumed the white male wa the landlord, i’ve never felt so ashamed.

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