HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Family Members #2

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I feel closer to my family members than to my friends. Although I do not always share the same information with friends and my family members, I think that my family really knows who I am and my friends do not know my whole life so I would never say that my best friend is closer to me than my own mother. From my entire family, I think I am the closest to my mother. Every day after she gets from work or during the day she calls me and we have a conversation and share what happened on each other’s day. With her, I can talk about anything, and I know that she will listen. I have an older sister and before I used to feel really close to her but she recently got married, and now I have noticed that we are not as close as I thought maybe because she is five years older than me, so we never talk about or personal information. I feel like she sees me as her baby sister and not as a friend with whom she can share her personal things. Also, I have a younger brother; I am three years older than him, and lately I have been closer to him than to my sister since we are closer to age I think we have more things in common. With him, I can have more meaningful conversations like about our future and goals. But, there are still some topics that we don’t feel comfortable sharing with each other for example about our love life. Lastly with my dad is the one that I have less communication. With him is not like we have a conversation every day and for this reason, I never share personal information. I don’t even share with him anything about school so when we talk is more about things that are happening around the house.

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