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Family Members #1

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A tradition that is significant in my family is something called “las posadas“. A posada is something we do leading up to Christmas for 12 days, starting on December 16th and ending on the 24th when we celebrate Christmas. The posadas symbolize the journey Mary and Joseph took before arriving to Bethlehem in looking for a safe place to give birth to Jesus.

Typically, my aunties get togethere and decide the days they want for the posada to happen in their house. The first thing we do when we meet is pray the rosary for that given day. Afterwards, we do something called pedir posada which is basically a call and response song. Some people go outside and the lyrics they call/sing present what Mary and Joseph would say. The people who stayed inside call/sing lyrics that represent the people who at first denied Mary and Joseph a place to stay. In the end, the outside people are welcomed inside and a final celebratory verse is sung.

Traditionally, we would go outside with a piñata with seven spikes to represent the 7 capital sins and break it to signify the triumph of good over evil. However, we don’t do that due to laziness. Instead, we do the next thing which is giving out goodybags with candy. In the end, we just hang around and drink some hot chocolate with mexican bread.

This contributes to our family identity becuase it shows our faith in God. It’s something we look forward to every December and somthing the kids really enjoy. It brings us closer as a family because we take time out of our day to meet and get in the Chirstmas spirit leading to Christmas day. Furthermore, it’s something that reflects my grandma’s values. Because of her, we have our faith and religious beliefs. Traditions like these have strengthened that and connected religion and family which are two things important in our lives.

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