HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Family Relationships (Prompt #2)

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I am not the type of person to be extremely close to my family. I am also not very close to any friends. At one point, I was very close to my best friend, but things happen, and things change. As I grow up and I spend less time at home and more time at school and work, the relationship I used to have with my family has been fading. This makes me sad to think about because I miss being so close to my family. I feel distant from my family members because nobody really takes the time to see how other’s are doing and everyone is always arguing about something different each day. In my family, there is almost nobody with whom I feel comfortable sharing personal information with. Everybody has their own thing going on, and sometimes people just don’t have the time to listen. For example, my sister and I used to be very close, and we would talk to each other about personal things, but now that she is getting older and she has her own boyfriend, she seems to not be bothered by the people around her. She is consistently in a bad mood, and she doesn’t even speak to me unless she wants something. The feeling I get when she acts this way makes me feel very lost in the world. With my sister, I always receive adverse reactions from anything I do even if I try to help her by washing her clothes with mine so the washer can get full. Trying to balance different feelings for different family members isn’t too tricky because surprisingly, my brothers are the ones I have been feeling the closest to lately. I think that we understand each other the most because we are the closest in age. My brother is a freshman in high school, and my brother is about to be a sixth grader, and we all get along great. My boyfriend has become part of my family now because everyone sees him as a son or brother. My relationship with my mom is on a positive note, but I feel she prefers my sister over me and with my dad he is good at listening and being there.

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