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Romantic Partners Prompt 7

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I decided to take the self-quiz on “How Often Do You Betray Romantic Partners?”. I ended up scoring a 12, so according to the scoring chart I am considered an infrequent betrayer. If you think that I may be lying, I really am not. I held the few relationships I’ve been in very dearly when I was in the relationship. I believe my score to be very accurate because I believe myself to be a faithful, trusting, and honest person. Going down the list on the quiz for example, talking badly about your partner in front of others is definitely a big betrayal and I would never do that. Not to mention I don’t even understand why you would do that. It doesn’t make you look better, won’t make others feel better, and makes your partner feel like crap. Gossiping about them is also bad for the same reasons as above. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep either, because that can be hurtful to both parties and strain your relationship. The biggest two betrayals though on this list would probably be telling others information that was given in secret and lying. If you want to be in a good strong romantic relationship with a partner then you should not be disclosing private information that your partner told you. It completely breaks any trust between you and your partner and can quickly cause resentment and eventually some hatred towards you. Same goes for lying.

As for the best approach for dealing with these betrayals,  talk it through with your romantic partner. Granted, I haven’t been in a relationship in a long time so I may not be the best adviser on this but talking things through is always good. Another thing that you should do is not react with anger towards the person even if you may really want to because of the pain that they may have inflicted upon you.

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