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Romantic Partners-Prompt #5


I’ve only dated outside of my own ethnic group once. Last semester I lived on campus in North Quad. Pinnacles Suites has mostly international students, so I met people from all across the world. My neighbors directly in front of me were from Mexico, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. One of my neighbors that lived on the side of me was from Los Angeles and he is African. We met the first day of classes and we sort of clicked right away. That night we flirted a lot and soon enough we started talking. Since he was my neighbor I saw him every single day. He became really close friends with my roommates, so he was in our suite almost all the time. After a few weeks I told my mom that I was talking to him. As soon as I told her he was African she made a weird face. I come from a Mexican family and we don’t usually date African guys. It’s not necessarily because we’re racist, but because we mostly date within our own ethnic group. My mom didn’t really care as long as I was happy. My grandma on the other hand did not approve at all. As soon as I told her she said I needed to stop dating him. Back when she was my age it was very rare to see a Mexican woman with an African man. Ever since I was little she always told me that she would love for me to marry an American guy. She really wants to have great grandchildren with blue or green eyes. The rest of my family is the same exact way. I think it’s because they’re really old school. Although my family does not approve of my decisions, I will date whoever makes me happy. As a matter of fact, I have never been interested in men within my ethnic group. I have always liked American or African guys.

2 thoughts on “Romantic Partners-Prompt #5

  1. I’ve faced the same problem before. My grandma wanted me to marry someone with a light complexion and blue/green eyes para “mejorar la raza”.


  2. Although I have never dated outside of my ethnic group, I can relate to you on how my family would react if I dated someone that was not Mexican or that did not speak Spanish.


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