HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Romantic Partners #8

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Nowadays technology plays a huge role in initiating relationships. My parents often talk about how when they met technology did not have any part of starting a relationship. They grew up with the tradition that the guy had to visit the girl to her house or send her letters. Then I can say that the letters were a way to keep in touch when they could not be together and now, instead of letters, we use text messages or calls. A big difference is that now technology is not just to keep in touch, but now social networks play an important role in meeting new people and even starting a relationship with a person you’ve never spoken in person before. In my own opinion, I do not like to use technology as a source of start meeting someone and then if “you are attracted” to the person based on the communication through messages you decide to go out or not.  I think that to start a romantic relationship, you must talk face to face with the person to really get to know someone. Then, you can use messages, calls, and facetime to continue being in contact with the person and to maintain the relationship since not always will be possible to be with the other person and this also helps for long distance relationships where they rely on technology to continue being in a relationship.

As for terminating a relationship using communication through technology I am not going to say that I have not considered because in a way I think I have done it. But I guess it all depends on the type of relationship. I believe there are sometimes that is easier to terminate the relationship through technology. When the couple it’s not on good terms, and they can’t see each other anymore for whatever reason. On the contrary, I think it is better to end the relationship face to face, so it is easier to reach an agreement and to clarify anything that may be concerning the other person. So when you see each other, it will not feel as awkward as if you never got to talk in person and sometimes, when doing it face to face, you can also end up on such a good terms as to remain friends.


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