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Romantic Partners #1

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In my honest opinion I do not agree with the statement that passion always fades in romantic relationships. This is because if both people really like each other and have the intensions of being together they will do everything in their power to keep the sparks going. Passion will only fade if you let it. What I mean by this is that order to keep the sparks in the relationship both people in the relationship need to contribute to it. It takes two to make a relationship work and so if one person is always trying to surprise their partner and always coming up with new ideas to keep the relationship exciting and the other person is always just relying on the partner to fulfill the need for two people to make it work, it won’t and thats when the passion fades. Some people let the passion fade because they thinks the relationship is not how it used to be and is starting to get boring, but the truth is every relationship eventually gets boring you just need to keep it fun and try new things.

I have been in a relationship for almost three years and think I have been in the relationship long enough to experience the stages that follow intense passion. Since the day first I met my boyfriend he was so sweet, the most charming, funny guy you could ever meet. No matter how hard it can be sometimes trying to balance school and work we always find ways keep the passion alive.  At first I thought he was only showing so much passion because thats how every relationship starts off and eventually it fades away, but I was wrong if anything he shows me more passion now than before. A long-term couple who seemingly have passion for each other are my parents. My parents have been together since they were fourteen years old, and I can tell you the passion is still there! There may be arguments here and there between them, but who doesn’t argue? My parents go on dates very frequently and come home so happy. I like to think that these dates keep their passion going because their always trying new things and going to different places that they both enjoy. My dad brings home surprises from time to time for my mom on a regular day with no occasion as well as my mother she always makes my dads favorite meals on random days. These little surprises are the ones that go a long way and keep the passion going.

People I know who enjoy long-term relationships that seem to lack passion are my friends. I have friends who have been in relationships for a long time that no longer  show passion to one another what so ever. They act as if they were just strangers, you would never have guessed that they were dating, thats how dead their relationship was 7  years into the relationship. They lived together and I swear being at their house was like if they were just roommates who never got along. Their still together today but they’re only really together for their kids. It’s so obvious she’s not involve with him anymore, but she still has love for him. So, to answer the question do I believe love ends when passion fades, I think no because if you have been with someone long enough to share each others life and memories you may not be involve with them, nor have the same passion for them but you will always have love for them.



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  1. Hello,
    I agree with what you said back on my blog post and your comment. You just need to ignore the negative feedback others give you because at the end of the day it’s you and your partner. You just need to keep in mind that if the relationship feels as if it is dying down, talk about it or surprise them in some way.

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