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Romantic Partners (Prompt #1)

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When it comes to the statement “Passion always fades in romantic relationships,” I stand in the middle of agreeing or disagreeing. I remember one day my boyfriend’s dad was sitting in the living room and my boyfriend was hugging me and being affectionate. His dad then said, “Right now you guys are lovey-dovey, but it won’t always be that way” and my boyfriend said yes it is. I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years now and I think I have been in this relationship long enough to experience the stages that follow intense passion. My boyfriend swore that we would always be in the honeymoon stage, in some ways we are still very good at expressing and showing how much we care, but with so much time in school and work sometimes you can’t always expect it to be that way.

I do but I don’t believe that love ends when passion fades for two reasons. My mother and father have had a long-term relationship and they seem to lack some sort of passion because lately, they have been arguing more than ever. I know that they both love each other dearly, but when constant fighting is a factor sometimes the passion gets put behind the door. Another example would involve my grandparents. It is quite obvious that there is no passion there, sadly, but I believe it has to do with how they were raised that makes them lack passion. I think that for them it is more about having the company of someone there next to you that is what matters the most.

A long-term couple that still seemingly shares a great amount of passion for one another are John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. I assume this because I follow them on snapchat and instagram and they seem to share so much love. The way that John Legend best expresses himself is by singing songs that remind him of her. Also, they keep their relationship at the levels that they are two high school sweethearts. They both are the cutest couple ever and now they have Luna added to their family and they have another on the way!

One thought on “Romantic Partners (Prompt #1)

  1. Hi daisy, I can relate to what you said because for one we both started dating our boyfriends around the same time and my boyfriend and I have had people tell us that it’s not always going to be in the honey moon stage. For example, his sister is always so negative saying that it won’t last that no relationship ever does, but my boyfriend is always saying that it is and to just ignore what people have to say.


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