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Family Members: Prompt #1

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Without a doubt traditions reflect the essence and unity of families. Ever since I remember, my parents have inculcated to my siblings and I that holidays are times to spend together as a family not simply a vacation time to have fun on its own. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are the most important days of the year to my family. Not only because it’s a holiday in where we typically have the day off and get to eat a lot of our traditional foods, but because we get to enjoy together as a family. Yet, during these times of the year, it is when most of my relatives have the strongest communication too. The fact that everyone works and are busy throughout the year, we hardy get to interact or converse with the family at once. Therefore, when it gets to these holidays, I see them as the “get together” as it is when we value the importance to get together as a family because these are times in which the majority of the relatives are together including my parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins, uncles, etc.

When it comes to communication, in preparation to these holidays my relatives are in constant communication to organize the “get together.” The preparation can get started when we are all deciding where we are hosting our “get together,” what kind of food we are having, and if it requires traveling, deciding how to carpool. The preparation might sound stressful, but at the end of the day, the take away is that everyone’s opinion was taken into account. Also, the fact that everyone is involve in the preparation it avoids misinterpretations and keeps everyone at the same page. The lesson learned from these “get together” is that regardless of our current situations whether we are going through good or bad moments, when it comes to these holidays we all contribute and look forward in communicating on how to plan the “get together.” The fact that we are all in constant communication prior to these holidays, it enables to put in practice our listening and communication skills to reach into agreements on how to go about preparing and making happen our “get togethers.”

One thought on “Family Members: Prompt #1

  1. I love when families have strong traditions when it comes to holidays. It makes the year so much more rich and joyful. It really helps with strengthening your relationships with your family and relatives even more. Your family reunions just sound downright fun.


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