HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Managing Conflict and Power: Prompt #1

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Technology has become an essential tool in our daily basis, whether we are using our cells phones to communicate with family and friends and/or our using our laptops or cell phones to write emails to classmates, teachers, and coworkers. In anyway, now a day we tend to use technology devices as the main method of communication instead of conversing face to face.

From experience, there was one incident in where I used technology incorrectly to handle a conflict with one of my sisters. Everything started because I had to borrow my sister’s car to go get a haircut because my car was taken to the dealer for oil change service. When I borrowed my sister’s car, she had burly started her run, which typically takes her about an hour to get back home. Since the barber’s shop is just a few blocks from my home, I decided to take my sister’s car and send her a text message letting her know that I took her car, but did not specify where I was going. Yet, it was not that I didn’t wanted to share where I was going, but because I thought that I was not going to take long to get my haircut and I assumed that by the time I would get back home, my sister was probably still at her run. When I entered the barber’s shop, I noticed that there was a lot of people in front of me waiting for service. Though, I decided to stay since I was already there, plus it was Friday afternoon and didn’t felt like having to go back during the weekend. Also, while waiting for my haircut, I came across a long-time no see friend and he invited to go watch a basketball game at her house. I really got excited of my acquaintance with my old friend that as soon I was done with my haircut I went to drop my sister’s car and send her a text apologizing of having to take her car without her permission. Afterwards, I did not have a chance to see my sister instead a was ready to go pick my car to head towards my friend’s house. Next day, I noticed that my sister was mad as she didn’t want to talk to me. To avoid making this worse, I would text her on the following days whenever I wanted to communicate with her instead of approaching her in person. This made things worse because my sister argued that I didn’t had the courage to talk to her in person. Also, the fact that I was using my cell phone for texting purposes only and not talking or having a face to face conversation got her even more mad because that made her think that I did care or would take her into account about her feelings. After this incident, it did make me realized that now with the use of our cell phones we want everything more practical and feel that because texting can also be communication that is used on real time we feel that all of what we have to say can be reflected in a text, even when resolving issues. Yet, I prove to myself wrong because my text messages to my sister were being misunderstood and make her feel that I didn’t care for her. Overall, I feel that we should still have face to face communication, especially when reaching into an agreement, because many times the intended communication via email or text can be interpreted differently from our intentions.

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