HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

NonVerbal Communication Prompt #5

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After the experience of my first jobs, I had the impression that every time I would hear someone with rough and loud voice, power, possession, and superior were the words that would come to my mind right away and that often leaded me to profile peoples’ personality. This is because from experience, the people that had a loud and rough voice for some reason were individuals that played a role in authority. For example, in a couple of jobs that I had, the directors and/or supervisors had a very rough voice. The takeaway of my first conversations with them was that they seemed to be very strict and at times I felt intimidated; so as when I went to an interview and the interviewer had a loud and rough voice made me feel afraid and nervous when responding to the questions. Also, just by listening to these people, I felt that everything that they were saying something, they would be refering to a command instead of conversing with them. Therefore, every time I would listened to them, I felt like I had to pay double attention to prevent from missing something that they would probably wanted me to do.
Upon reflection, I also remember as a child that my mom would be the one that would be in-charge of all the approvals and consents at our house whether it was because my siblings and/or I wanted to buy something or permission to go and play with friends. Although I have always gotten along with my mom, I remember that once she would get into a rough and loud voice tone, to me that meant that she was being serious on something and I had to follow on her commands. Further, from these experiences, I realized that when people want to get serious, their voice tone changes to a rough and loud voice so they could be heard and feel that they have power.
However, from these experiences, I also learned that I should not judge someone based on his or her voice. This because although people have a rough or loud voice doesn’t mean I don’t have voice and/ or that they are superior than me. Instead that I should treat them first before I profile their personality. From my first job supervisors, although they seemed to be rough persons at first sight by listening to their voice, after I treated them their personalities were very different from what I had imagine them. I remember the first weeks feeling very scare to approach them because I didn’t know what their reactions were going to be. Also, I remember that on some of my first task, I was afraid to ask for their feedback because I thought that if I hadn’t done well my tasks, they would be very upset with instead of helping me. However, I prove to myself wrong. Instead any time I am in doubt of something and I want to overcome my fears, I learn that the key is to communicate them regardless of what my assumptions are.

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