HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Nonverbal Communication Prompt#6

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My proxemics are fairly lenient when if comes to the people I communicate with. I am a fairly friendly and touchy-feely person so it almost never bothers me when I am close to the people I know.

As far as my intimate space,  I usually have a lot more that my intimate partners in this space. I will always have my parents in it while sitting close to them, cuddling up to them or even giving them long hugs. Along with my parent, I also keep my close family in that space such as my niece, my nephew and my grandma. My best friend, Josh, also has a belonging in my intimate space because we are always shoulder to shoulder and face to face when having conversations or watching tv.

As far as my personal space, that is where the rest of my family and the rest of my friends go. I am very used to being up close and personal with people so this never really bothers me. My family and I have developed this by having many of us with a not so big table to sit around. And for my friends, we joke around so much as well as play fighting that we have gotten used to getting into each others personal space.

The social space hold the people that I know but don’t necessarily like. Even if one of my old friends and I do not get along anymore, they are immediately put into the social space. And lastly, the public space is exactly how it sounds. It is because they are people who I either just don’t know well enough or have never met or talked to.

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