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Non Verbal Communication #5

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Someone whose voice I tend to react strongly to is my mothers. I react to her voice strongly because she has a way of saying things that can sound like she is mad. I think the fact that she has a really loud voice projection it can sometimes seem like she is screaming at me or mad just by listening to the way she says things. An example of her voice is, “Stephanie come here. Did you take out the trash like I asked you to?”. The impression that I always tend to get from this is negative. This is because if you were able to hear the way she actually says it, you would think she is mad, but the way she meant to say it was actually in a nice way. I know my mother very well, so I know she doesn’t mean it in a negative way she is simply just asking if I have taken out the trash, but others may take it in a bad way. For some reason even though I know she means to say it in a nice way, every time I hear her ask me that I think I am about to get in trouble. 

I think is it is not ethical to judge someone based solely on their voice because like some people say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Judging someone by the way they talk is just not fair for the person being judged. They wouldn’t be able to get the chance to really show them who they are because they would have already been judged. I Personally wouldn’t want someone to think I’m either a mean or nice person just by listening to my voice. How is that even possible? How can someone have a conversation with someone for the first time ever and just jump to the conclusion that they’re a certain way because of their voice? In all honestly I sometimes catch my voice projecting out to sound a bit negative even though I meant to say it in a good way, and I wouldn’t want someone to say I am rude or a mean person just because of that one time they misinterpreted the way I said something. I do not know for a fact if I have been a victim of linguistic profiling, but I know it’s a possibility. Everyone at one point in their lives judges without wanting to, I think it just tends to be a natural thing to do.

One thought on “Non Verbal Communication #5

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I understand where you are coming from. I know your mother very well too and I have also experienced her voice projection first hand. Your mother is super nice and I know that her voice can be scary at times, but she loves you 🙂

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