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Nonverbal Communication (Prompt #3)

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I touch people often.

Just kidding! That sounds really freaking creepy, but then again the prompt question kind of sounds creepy so bear with me. Anyways, I am not a touchy feely person in general. I have a personal bubble that I like to stay in, so I assume everyone I don’t particularly know prefers it that way too. Don’t get me wrong, I love hugs (especially my boyfriend’s bear hugs). However, I will only initiate a hug if I know the person is a hugger. I knew someone who would straight up say “bring it in. I am hugger” whenever he would meet someone new. Good for this person; it shows that they don’t mind hugs at all and having their personal bubble invaded. I am also completely fine with social-polite touch. For example, I will shake someone’s hand if they offer a handshake. One of the reasons why I am not very touchy is because some people might misinterpret it as being flirty which could seem like I am leading them on. They might also think I am a total creep if I out right give them a hug when first meeting. It is better to be on the safe side. However, if I became more touchy I could also be perceived as a warmer, friendlier person. It all depends on who I am with and how well I know the person. Understanding the functions of touch can help me determine when to be more touchy and when to be less touchy. It can repel or attract people. It can be inappropriate or appropriate. I would never invade my boss’s personal bubble nor the stranger on the street. But if you are my homegirl/homeboy, you better believe it when I say my hugs can kill.


Author: Madi J Rapella

Visual and Public Art Major Anthropology Minor Cartoonist for The Lutrinae

One thought on “Nonverbal Communication (Prompt #3)

  1. I’m in the same boat when it comes to physical contact: I’m very selective about who I let into my bubble and when. And I completely understand where you’re coming from on wanting to avoid being seen as flirty. Some people are weird and misread (or read too much into) body contact and mistake basic human decency for hardcore flirting somehow.

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