HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Verbal Communication Prompt 8

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My first language is english, a language that shows no stopping in its growth around the world and the knowledge that thousands of languages will be extinct by the year 2100 is saddening. Knowing that english is secure in the language apocalypse, I do not know how it would feel if the language I spoke all my life and the language I communicate with to the people around me were to disappear.

Although, I can sympathize and I would care if all these languages that encompass so many parts of the world’s history were to die out. These languages matter to so many groups of people around the world. Language is what represents culture and history and for it to simply slip away from the grasps of people is unacceptable. These languages that people claim as acceptable to die out hold so much more than they think. They interpret the knowledge of what we hold today. The wisdom that one language can contain is a substantial pool.

I would be scared if the english language was endangered like so many of the languages today. To know that by the time my grandchildren come around, the language I use to communicate with everybody around me was on its dying breathe and slipping away from the communicative world. I would feel a sort of disconnect. The words I speak would be treasured and put down in history as an an antique. If I knew english was endangered, I would take notice to the way I speak and be more appreciative of how my language allows me to do so much in the world.

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