HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Prompt #2; Verbal Communication

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The characteristics of cooperative verbal communication is to speak in ways that others can easily understand using language that is informative, honest, relevant, and clear. Take active ownership of what you are saying using “I” language. And, you make others feel included rather than excluded through the use of “we”. When I read this in the textbook, I immediately thought of it referring to being respective and polite. However, when the book uses the word cooperative, it puts this emphasis on the fact that being polite and respectful is very simple. I really liked that.

Personally, I thing I am really good at using language that is informative, honest, relevant, and clear. The reason being that, no matter what the situation is, if I am feeling a certain type of way in a relationship, and it would be beneficial for the other person to know, then I tell them the soonest chance I get. Another thing is that I am rarely passive aggressive when I am having a serious conversation with someone. This means that I have accomplished being clear.

I would not say that I am horrible at using “I” language, but I do feel like I could use it more so the other person knows that I am not accusing them of anything. I would take the steps of looking at the situation like we did in class. I would take what I am thinking and make it revolved around my wants and needs so the person does not feel attacked.

As far as “we” language goes, I could definitely improve it when it comes to talking within my family. sometimes I will make the mistake of saying “my mom” to my brothers, or “my grandma” to my cousins. I always end up correcting myself but I think that I can improve this by just taking these conversations slower. This way I can catch the mistake before I make them.


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