HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Verbal Communication Prompt 1

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If you asked me in the past if I would consider changing my legal name I would probably say, “for sure”. My full name is Jasmine Bao Yang. Bao can mean different things in both Vietnamese and Chinese but both having a pretty good meaning “gift and treasure” but it can also mean other things with different accent marks (but thank god for not having those accent marks, my middle name could have meant news paper or bread bun). Growing up I never liked my middle name because it doesn’t make any sense in english, I wanted an American middle name that everyone can pronounce and not ask about. It was so annoying to me when people asked me what my middle name was and struggled pronouncing it or made fun of it. If you ask me now though if I wanted to change my legal name, I would say no. It is a part of me and telling people it means “gift and treasure” is pretty cool. I grew up with the name and having a little culture in my name is really cool and I love taking pride in my Asian culture. If I got married I would much rather keep my last name as a part of me. I can hyphen my name with me and my spouse like “yang-(their last name)”. Currently, my last name in my family will not be carried on seeing that all my cousins are girls and the only guy cousin from my dad’s side is from my aunt which isn’t useful on carrying on the last name. I would much rather keep the last name going or have it die with me at least (harsh but the truth I guess). I even sometimes think about having my mom’s last name for myself since I really want both my parents in my name but that may be a different topic. I like to think that my name is such a big part of me, it makes me remember where I come from and I love embracing the culture I grew up with.

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