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Verbal Communication #1

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In my family, we take pride in our last names, well at least the men in my family do. They see it as something that connects them to where they come from and their Garcia family. When it comes to mind, I personally would not consider ever changing my given legal name unless I really needed to. I feel that my name is part of who I am from the moment I was born. My name is Stephanie Munoz Garcia. I go by Stephanie Garcia because that’s my first and last name. Even though I have my mothers last name Munoz as my middle name, I don’t usually use it. The only time I actually use Munoz is for important paper work or applications. I’m not sure why my parents put my mothers last name as my middle name, but I always thought it was weird because I thought a middle name was suppose to be like another name and not a last name. The characteristic of language that is most important in supporting my position is personal idioms because my family uses “Garcia family” to show how proud they are to be a Garcia. If and when I decide to get married I would be willing to change my last name to my spouse’s. Although there are many other important factors to being married than just changing your last name, I feel that changing the last name just helps make it feel more official. In my opinion I feel that changing the last name is what puts the whole picture together, and also its just more traditional to do so. In my family everyone who is married changed their last name to their husbands last name, and that is something I would like to do as well. I Would not consider hyphenating my name after marriage because for me it’ll just be too long of a name. I rather just keep my name short and simple. I wouldn’t want to have so many last names just one.



One thought on “Verbal Communication #1

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I agree with everything you are saying. I think this has to do with the fact that we are related and our families have the same opinions. I like what you said about not making your name too long, but I would possibly consider it.

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