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Verbal Communication (Prompt #1)

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Daisy Gomez Garcia is my entire full name. On my birth certificate, however, my name is Daisy Gomez with the exception that my mother’s given last name isn’t on it. I would never consider changing my given last name. The name that I was given was chosen by my parents and having their last name basically means that I am a part of them and their past generations. The characteristic of language that is most important in supporting my position would probably have to be personal idioms. The last name Gomez has meaning to my father and his family and now my family.

I am not sure how many of you do this thing where you say a person’s name out loud and see if their first and last name sort of just blend together and make a great mix. If I say Daisy Gomez out loud, it sounds about right, but if I were to say, for example, Daisy Bravo, it just sounds odd to me. That is possibly another reason why I would not change my given last name.

If I got married, I would consider changing my last name to my spouse’s. I know there are people out there who have different opinions and see situations in different points of views, but I feel that once you change your last name it means so much more. It would make me feel as if my spouse and I have become a family. In the process of thinking about this question, however, I see changing your last name when you get married as sort of a label and it makes the other person seem more dominant. In my culture, it has always been that when you get married, your last name changes to your spouse’s so that is what I am going to do as well.

After marriage, I possibly would consider hyphenating my last name. If I were to hyphenate my last name, my spouse and I would both have equality and there wouldn’t be this feeling about one being more superior than the other.

One thought on “Verbal Communication (Prompt #1)

  1. Hey Daisy, It’s funny because I actually wrote about the same thing. I noticed I was able to relate everything I said to what you said. I think maybe because we’re cousins were able to relate so much.


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