HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Verbal Communication (Prompt #1)


Geneva, Octavia, Summer, Leilani, Collette, Beverly, Nova….

The list of names that I would change my legal name to is endless. Don’t get me wrong, I like the name that my parents picked out for me. The name Madeline is pretty, but I personally do not feel it fits me. It is a little too common for my taste. I mean it could be much worse; I could have been named Dick (if I was a dude) or freaking North West (no offense to Kim K). Although I am proud to be named after my great-grandmother, there are so many gorgeous and exotic names out there that I absolutely love. So, I would be lying if I said I never thought about legally changing my name. I would want a name that holds a strong meaning for me while also sounding unique. Like if someone were to ask what my name was and I said, “[insert unique name here],” they would say, “oh wow, I love your name! It is gorgeous!”

I know some people who don’t even think twice about their given name; but I am not one of them. Names are important; they are a part of your identity whether you like it or not. Even though I am not in love with my name, I would want to have my surname hyphenated when I get married. I couldn’t imagine having to write my full name and not write Rapella at the end. I would not be able to part with it. But I am not going to lie, people have made fun of my last name plenty of times. They misspell it, mispronounce it, and even leave out the last three letters which turns it into Rape. How lovely is that. Ya, it is so old.

Author: Madi J Rapella

Visual and Public Art Major Anthropology Minor Cartoonist for The Lutrinae

2 thoughts on “Verbal Communication (Prompt #1)

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you: your name is a part of your identity so you should have a name that fits your unique personality. Coming from one of the countless Hispanics named “Carlos Estrada,” I’d definitely enjoy a unique name that catches people’s attention.

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  2. I would agree that your name is definitely part of your identity. I think that re-naming your self is becoming more common, whether it be with transgender folks, those with bad connotations to their name, or those who just wants a name to fit. For example one of my favorite artists changed her name from “Grace Passeroti” to “Moxie Saturday”. I am not crazy about my first name but I am unsure if I would want to change it since I tie my identity to it.

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