HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Romantic Partners

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Adrian Arellano

Hcom 214

Professor Rodger

Feb 23, 2018


When it comes to love, i should know that i’m terrible at it i can’t stay committed, i admitted. I left the one girl how loved me for who I really am and she was down for me i threw it all  away. But i was with her for a very long time so from personal experience i can say it does certainly fades away, it does not lack passion though, you just want to meet other people that’s it.  I have dated someone out of ethnic group and its really weird i mean i did learn tons of new extraordinary stuff, but we just did not have anything in common. A lot of people did not expect us to date since were totally different people. But i can say i feel way more comfortable when i date someone inside my ethnic group i can be more expressive and speak my language for profoundly.  What comes to communication,  trust and expressing how we felt. I wasn’t very good at it at the end of the relationship, i pretty much did not care for as much and it was just a bad habit. In a relationship my ex taught me it’s all for one and that one is us, from there i’ve earning how to be more expressive and trusting and more importantly community towards the people i love. I would never use technology to determine or even to begin a relationship, i A very old fashion i prefer to talk face to face and meet people face to face.

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