HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Active Listening Prompt #4

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Before taking the Self-Quiz “Multitasking and Attention,” I didn’t think that I multitask online as much as the score I got reflected because when I am trying to concentrate it is difficult for me to do other things at the same time. For example, I almost never do my homework listening to music because I get distracted. After taking the quiz, I was surprised because I agreed with the seven statements in which the score says that I spent much of my time multitasking, and likely I find it challenging to focus my attention on just one thing. This made me think more deeply if I multitasked and it was funny that as I was doing the quiz on the book, I was also using my computer, and then I received a notification, and without thinking, I grabbed my phone. The quiz made me take a look at my daily activities, and I realized that I am always multitasking online. If I am not doing more that one thing at the time I get bored. I think I was not like this before, probably in the last year that has changed. Although I am always trying to do two things at the moment, I believe that if I focused my attention completely on only one task at the time, I would be able to finish everything faster. For example, when I am on my computer doing homework, I usually have more than one tab open with different assignments that I need to do, or with random things that distract me from completing everything faster and I am almost always checking my phone as I am doing something else.  Also, in some of my classes, while the professor is speaking, I am on my computer, or I check my phone and although I can still hear what s/he is saying I believe I am not entirely listening. Besides, if I am watching Netflix, I am also using my phone or trying to do homework if it is something that it does not need my full concentration. So, I think my attention is never fully in only one thing. Something that I could do to minimize my multitasking online would be to put my phone away and when I am on my computer to just do one thing at the time.

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