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Active Listening #4

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Before taking the self-quiz “Multitasking and Attention” I actually kind of knew I did not pay attention to well, nor to bad when online. I knew that it was not always easy for me to pay attention, because I always had a really hard time focusing. I always need to sort of force myself into paying attention. For the most part I would say my paying attention skills are nuetral, it really just depends on what it is exactly that I am doing online. When I took the self-quiz I got a score of five. A score of five said that I spend to much of my time multitasking and I likely find it challenging to focus my attention on just one thing. After taking the quiz, my impression did not change. What I thought of my attention skills before were pretty much the same thoughts as the score I received. This is because I do spend a lot of my time multitasking. For example, if I am doing one thing online like homework I end up putting some music on. Lets my forget about my phone as well. Hearing my phone go off while listening to music and trying to do homework can become overwhelming at some point. Another thing I usually do when I can’t focus when trying to pay attention is that I start looking at other browsers like Youtube, Netflix, and checking my grades. This is not very good to do because having so many things open at the same time will just have an even bigger negative impact towards your “Multitasking and Attention”. A few things I believe I can work on in order to minimize my multitasking online is not keeping multiple forms of technology turned on at once when focusing on one thing. Another possible suggestion I can consider is staying away from social media and technology. Todays generation is surrounded with technology and social media, and I’ve been making that a priority while in class or at work. I feel that I get easily distracted now than I was a few years before and because of that I will try working on one thing at a time without having multiple things around to distract me.


One thought on “Active Listening #4

  1. Hi Stephanie 🙂
    I am also a multitasker. However, I feel that the only way I can actually get stuff done, such as an essay, is by listening to music. I also get distracted with my phone and social media and texting but I feel that I work best when I am under pressure.

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