HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Prompt 11

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I tend to suppress a lot of my emotions when I am with my family. Im one who doesn’t really like to talk about issues happening in my life that lead me to feeling certain emotions I don’t want to surface. One situation which lead me to suppressing my emotions was when I my father tends to lecture me and tries to guide me on how I need to become responsible and successful. He tends to rant about how I need to stop having so much “fun” and focus on my studies. He believes that his way is the right way, so if I am playing video game son my day off from work/school, he’ll tell me I’m wasting my time and I should utilize it more for educational purposes. I suppress my anger and sadness at the fact that my father believes that just because I want to have fun and relax for a bit without having to worry about responsibilities because I feel like that would lead to a huge argument I do not want to have with him. I feel like the suppression of these emotions leads me to be extremely sarcastic with my father and I tend to try and annoy him as much as possible. I guess you can call it passive aggressiveness. I have now come into the conclusion that if I tell my father that I will determine how I spend my time is working out for me that he should be ok with my decisions. I do not have to follow his advice if I do not choose to and I am allowed to make my own mistakes. Suppression may work for now but bottling the emotions may lead to me exploding and maybe leading to saying things I might regret.

One thought on “Prompt 11

  1. I find your post very relatable, especially how when dealing with family, we suppress our emotions causing us to be passive aggressive in other ways. This happens to me! I agree with what you said that continuing to suppress emotions will lead you to say things you might regret, which is why the textbook didn’t recommend suppression for managing emotions.


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