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Emotions (Promopt #10)

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After completing the Sel-Quiz “Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence,” the results were fairly even. There were two areas of strength and two areas of improvement. The first area I showed strength in was ‘Understanding Emotions.” When it comes to emotions, I tend to show them when I am alone, or with someone, I am very close to. I find it difficult to cry in front of my parents because to me it is a sign of weakness. I put on a happy face for them and the people around me even when I am not. There more I feel a specific emotion, the easier it becomes to get over it or experience it longer. If I am having a terrible day, music tends to help the feeling go away, so I feel that is why I scored a 3 in accurately labeling emotions and learning how they blend together and change over time. The other area I showed strength in was managing emotional experience and communication. When I think of emotions, I tend to always think about the sad and gloomy ones, not really the happy, cheerful ones. I scored a three in learning how to manage the experience and communication of emotions to avoid negative or destructive consequences because I always ask myself if showing a particular emotion such as crying for a specific event in my life is really worth it. I can also say enough is enough and end my pain by thinking about other things and that’s where managing my emotions comes in. I enjoy being a happy person, and that’s what I am most of the time, but when I am not, it is usually in a time of grief or when I have been hurt emotionally. The last two areas that need strengthening are perceiving emotions and using emotions to facilitate thinking. To improve my score in perceiving emotions, I will try to talk my feelings out instead of bottling them in all the time. It is not right to always keep everything to yourself because when you talk about something, it tends to make you feel better. The way in which I will improve my score in using emotions to facilitate thinking is instead of fighting or showing anger, I will use my emotions and to try and come up with a better plan to fix the issue there might be. All it takes is communication.

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  1. You’re right, talking about your feelings to others can help you in perceiving emotions. Holding in your emotions will only cause more emotions to add on to the pile. Talking about your feelings will help you find ways to deal with them and also make you feel better. I also really liked how you said, “All it takes is communication” because in a way communication is the answer to everything. Without communication you aren’t able to continue on with certain things. Communication can help relase tension and emotions resulting in positive ways.


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