HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Emotions #10

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After taking the self-quiz, “Assessing your emotional intelligence”  on page 124 in the book Reflect and Relate, it became clear what my strengths and weaknesses were. It was a mixture of half and half. Half were my strengths and the other half were my weaknesses. My strengths were in Perceiving Emotions and Understanding Emotions with a score of three on both. When it comes to Perceiving Emotions I can always tell when someone is mad or sad about something just by looking at their expressions in both facial and gestures. I usually identify things like this quickly because it is something that stands out to me the most. For example, When I’m having a conversation with someone and they rolling their eyes or raising their voice, I can tell their either frustrated or annoyed. When perceiving my own emotions, I tend to show them by vocal tones. When I’m upset about something I usually take it out on others unwillingly by raising my voice at them and sort of just having attitude. When Understanding Emotions, I know what makes someone feel  sad or causes someone to feel a certain way. When it comes to personal experience I go through different feelings, emotions, and moods through out the day. There are times when I just feel like crying because I have a mixture of emotions all at once. I feel stressed, overwhelmed, and tired all at the same time and there being caused by all these different events happening in my life. One of the causes for this is school and the assignments that need to be done, the second one is dealing with the children at work, and the third one is being able to manage my work and homework at the same time. The dimensions I need to improve on are Using Emotions to Facilitate Thinking and Managing Emotional Experience and Communication with a score of zero on both. This is because I am not able to recognize how emotions and moods influence perception and learning to harness, nor do I know how to manage the experience and communication of emotions to avoid negative consequences. I can definitely improve on managing my own emotions and using my emotions to facilitate problem solving and creativity.

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