HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Prompt 11

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The times when I use suppression to manage my emotions  are when I’m at work. I currently work at Little Caesars as a cashier. Being cashier is not that bad, but the problem is that my work schedule is usually during the most busiest hours which is just horrible for me. I don’t mind being cashier, but the issue is that every time I go to work  there is always one customer that’s just rude. I’m just trying  be nice and give my best customer service to all customers  but for some reason I always get at least one customer that starts being all rude, giving attitude, or even sometimes screaming at me for some reason. In the outside I’m trying to look calm and control, but in the inside I just get frustrated and feel some anger. Thinking to myself you are really going to get mad because of something so simple. This is the moment that I suppress my emotions because I don’t want to let them out. I don’t  want the situation to escalate  plus I’m sure that I would get fired for arguing with customers . The result of  suppressing my emotions during  a situation is that well I didn’t get in an argument with someone by sort of keeping the situation under control.  I think suppressing your emotions is a good strategy in specific types of situations but not for the long term. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bottle up your emotions, because later on you might just explode with anger with any small thing that happens. But it can be good to use in different  types of situation. I believe that in the book Reflect and Relate  gave an example of two students who both wrote a paper and the one student who didn’t tried on the paper ended up getting a better grade than the student who actually tried. When the student who didn’t really tried found out he got a better grade than his friend he suppress his emotion of happiness  because he didn’t want his friend to feel bad since he got a bad score. So, I do believe that suppression as an emotion strategy has its good and bad, it just depends on on the situation you use it for.  


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