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Emotions Prompt 4

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Although I do not use as much emoticons (as I did in high school) I do use a good amount. I like to use things like hearts and smiley faces. I like to see these emoticons as effort into texting or messaging. I never usually use them in emails because email is usually for formal messages. Texting on the other hand is different. When I use emoticons I explain it as putting effort and not having a text message “dry”. If these were taken out I think that people would think I am lacking effort but that is only my thought. For the most part I usually write to people pretty formally the emoticons is just to show some emotions and put in effort. I really like to put in the effort even sometimes by using the new dumb emojis. It is sometimes a joke but I can also use it as a real emotion. The emoticons are usually for positive use, never really negative.

One thought on “Emotions Prompt 4

  1. I definitely agree with how you said your conversations would be dry. I feel like have the emojis are crucial in adding life to the conversation. I also think that it would be hard for someone to understand the tone of your voice with out them. if you don’t add a sarcastic emoji, some may think you are being serious. Some could possibly think you are insulting them when you don’t use the right amount of emojis.


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