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Emotions (Prompt #9)

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When I have a lot of things on my mind or if something dramatic ever happens, I tend to talk to one of four people. These being: my mom, my dad, my niece, and my best friend. one thing that I have noticed is the nature of these conversations are dependent on whether I am talking to a male(my dad and my best friend) or if I am talking to a female(my mom and niece).

When I talk to my dad or my best friend about my emotions about something, they always are very patient in listening to me. Their feedback is always them agreeing with me and even stating a similar experience that justifies my emotions. I seem to never be over exaggerating with them. I am not sure if that is because they don’t want to make me upset or if they actually feel the way they say.

This does not impact our relation in any negative, if anything, it has a positive effect. This is because they too will call me up and go on a tangent about their emotions. The only difference is that when they share their emotions with me, I try to give advice that would  hopefully help their problem.

As for my niece, they are very similar to the way I listen to emotion, and maybe even harsher. They are never shy to tell me to suck it up or to tell me that I am being unreasonable. Sometimes they will agree with me, and others they will let me know that they do not.

I feel like this can have both a positive and negative effect because when we disagree it can turn into an argument. At the same time, we always forgive and forget those arguments and if anything they make us understand each other more.

One thought on “Emotions (Prompt #9)

  1. I too have similar relationships with my mom and my best friend/boyfriend. It is so nice to have go-to people whom you can talk to whenever and about whatever. And I agree about how it can be negative when you all disagree, but working it out in the end always makes the relationship stronger.


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