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Percieving Others (Prompt #3)

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Let me take you back to high school. I say this as if it were so long ago when in reality it was just last year. Like most students would, I took AP Classes. Some were easier than others, but the at the end of the day, I learned a lot. There was one class in specific that was very difficult, but with the right help and encouragement, I was capable of passing, which I did.

I took physics my sophomore year and to be honest, it was hard. When sophomore year came to an end, my teacher, Mr. Vallin asked me if I wanted to be in his AP Physics class. When he asked me this question, all I could think about was how much I struggled and how much more I would struggle if I said yes. Don’t get me wrong, I was flattered that he even asked, but I thought to myself if all the stress was really worth it, but I said yes anyway. The first day of the class junior year, I felt like an ingrouper because everyone was still learning the basics. Once the third day of school hit and the teacher assigned us seats, I was totally an outgrouper. If I had to pick one situation where I felt like an outgrouper the most, it would be when we were working on a lab, and the members of my group totally ignored me. I knew I was capable of doing the work and helping them, but they just pushed me aside because they guessed I didn’t know how to do anything. It was always the same deal when we would work in the groups, and it definitely brought my self-esteem down. It made me feel like my knowledge was being put aside because my opinion didn’t matter. The only other person I could relate to was my friend, Mario. He was also one of the students that they would ignore and not accept our help. We kind of just stuck to our own things and ignored the other members because, after a while, I decided that they weren’t going to change, so I had to ignore the negativity.

One thought on “Percieving Others (Prompt #3)

  1. Hey daisy! Not that this is a good thing, but I can relate to you 100 percent. You shouldn’t let things like this lower your self esteem. I also went though the same thing freshmen year in high school when I took physics. I was the only freshmen and everyone else was sophomores and juniors. In that class we had to do labs too with groups they would assign us to. The other students would never listen to what I had to say nor discuss anything with me. Its sad when there are people like this and do things like that before really getting to know what we are capable of doing and sharing with them. It did affect me in the beginning, but once I started to do well I just learned to ignore that and get my work done by myself.


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