HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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Perceiving Others Prompt 8

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I completed the Self- Quiz “Test Your Empathy” on page 100. For both categories, I got a score of 3, which is in the 2-3 score that indicates that I have a “moderate empathy.”  I think this score points out that I can show empathy, but it depends on the situations. Sometimes it just hard for me to show understanding towards others, not because I can’t understand or share the feeling of others but because it is difficult for me to show my emotions and how I am feeling in a particular situation. I think this happens to me more with close friends for some reason I think it is easier to empathize with strangers. Some circumstances in which it is easy for me to empathize is when I see a person taking advantage of someone else. I think this is the most usual situation because in everyday basis I see people or hear people taking advantage of others and that it’s unfair. For example, when a student is taking advantage of another student or when an employee takes advantage of the other employees.  Also, I would say that it is easy for me to empathize when I see other people that are less fortunate or that have fewer resources available than me. On the contrary, sometimes it is just hard to always show empathy, for example, it is hard to feel others emotions when I have never experienced those same feelings. I think I show my empathy depending on what I think is right or wrong. As I was thinking of empathy, I thought about homeless people or the people that ask for money in the streets. I think this is a good example of both easy and challenging situations because I usually feel empathy for those people but sometimes it is also hard to feel empathy because I don’t know when this person is really having struggles in their life.

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