HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Perceiving others (prompt #5)

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From the following five personality traits: extroversion,  conscientiousness, openness,  agreeableness, and neuroticism,  the one I like about myself would be how openness I am. I would choose openness because I have always been the type of person that likes learning new things from others. Being the ideas, cultures, beliefs, of others. Or just simply things like the music I  enjoyed listening to which is compose of all types of genre, from country, classic rock, reggae, rock, to rap. I don’t think that one genre is better than another rather that everyone  has  their own preference . I was really curious of learning a new language, so on my  first semester of  college I decide to take Italian. Took it for three  semesters and  learned so much of their culture, lifestyle  and plus learned to speak an awesome  new language( I still need just a little more work but I’m getting there). I guess that the more I was being openness it help me to overcome my fear of heights. One day my friends and I decided to go to Great America which I was sort of on the fence because of the aspect of just imagining myself being so high up on the rides. At the same time I wanted to try something new, so I did. At the end I ended up having a really fun time with my friends . I don’t think that openness affects my perception of  the way I see others who have the same trait or people that don’t. For example, yes sure if I see someone else with the same trait I will probably get along with them more because we might have more things in common.  But if someone doesn’t really have the trait of being open that’s fine, I won’t have negative perception of them because they have their own reasons/ opinions for what they believe.

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