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Perceiving Others Prompt #2

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I am most stereotyped as a “typical white privileged Catholic girl” because I went to an all girls private Catholic school. When I transferred from my average public school filled with people of many different backgrounds, religions, and socioeconomic status to an all girls, wealthy, Catholic, mostly white school it kind of made people look at me bad. I drove a Honda Civic and most of these girls at my new school drove BMW’s or Mercedes so I kind of was out of place.

Even though I didn’t care about designer clothes, or money, or getting my nails done weekly like the other girls at my new school did, the people from my hometown looked at me like I was some spoiled rich girl who wears a uniform and gets a ton of money from my parents. In fact none of that was true at all. I actually had a job and payed for all of my own things and had to do a lot do most things on my own without the help of my parents. Going to a private school was very expensive an dry parents were constantly working hard to be able to afford it which I was extremely grateful for.

The stereotypical white rich girl was always sort of mean and I hated that stereotype because I am not mean in the least. Of course there were those types of girls at my new school and they gave a bad reputation for the other girls at school like me. The role of stereotyping in our society is really bad because it usually causes people to negatively judge a person based off some sort of characteristic or environmental factor. When people stereotype others, it gives a bad idea of the person you are judging in your head. We shouldn’t judge someone before we get to know them because most of the time, stereotypes aren’t even true.

One thought on “Perceiving Others Prompt #2

  1. I completely understand that stereotype. I have experienced something similar!


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