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Perceiving Others #8

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While taking the self quiz, “Test Your Empathy” on page 100 in the book Reflect And Relate I came across two different scores. The first score I came across was in the category Perspective-Taking and it was from zero to one. Zero to one indicated that I have low empathy. The second score I got was in the category Empathic Concern and I received a two to three. Two to three indicated that I have moderate empathy. What I think these scores say about my ability to show empathy is that I do not really show it. Also, I think it says a lot about me for example, in a way I do not care, and depending on the situation is how much empathy I show. I do have some empathy just very little of it. I believe it takes a big part for me to not only express my empathy but for certain situations to actually get me to show empathy. Some situations in which it is easy for me to empathize is when I see a person being taken advantage of, other people’s misfortunes, and by the things I see happen to the people around me. This is because I think these are situations that I am often touched by the most. I may not have much empathy, but When I do tend to show it for reasons I think are worth showing empathy for. Some situations in which it is challenging for me to empathize is in cases where I have to see things in another person’s point of view. An example of this can be when there are homicides that are Gang related and they get sentenced to about twenty to twenty-five years or more. In that case I would not be able to feel empathy for a criminal doing time when they deserve to be in prison. Of course I would feel some empathy for the person who was killed but in a way I would not because they chose to go through that path and be involved with illicit activities. Reasons why I feel these situations are challenging for me is just the fact that in most cases I am not able to connect emotionally with these different situations, and because some situations are cruel to others and I don’t like to be involved with negativity.


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  1. Hi Stephanie 🙂
    I can honeslty say that I agree with you. When it comes to crimes or vicious acts of crime, it is hard to show empathy for people who do not deserve it. I tend to show empathy in various situations though. Just the other day I was at gamestop and a young boy went in with his dad that I assume didn’t speak English. The young boy was simply asking the employee a question and he told him to not worry about it to just go. I was very mad at this sitation because the employee took advantage of the fact that the father didn’t speak English and couldn’t stand up for his son. I could be interpreting the situation in the wrong way, but that was bad customer service. In situations like these I show lots of empathy.

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