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Self Concept Prompt #1: Who am I?

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There is a lot one can learn about another by looking at what they do. As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. This does not always apply to the things we do to others, but also to what we do in our daily lives.

So the question is: who are you, or in this case, who am I?

First off, my name is Isaiah. This is the easiest thing I can tell you about myself. Uh, anyways…I am a musician. I am a fan of sports. I love wrestling. On my list of television shows I constantly enjoy are: WWE, basketball games (Warriors), the Voice, America’s Got Talent, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Arrow, Boruto, and The Office. As you can see, all of these shows have one thing in common, I watch them (Har Har Har). On a serious note, if these shows were to reveal to you something about me, I hope it would be that:

1. I enjoy music

2. I enjoy watching sports

3. I love Superheroes

4. I have a lot of time on my hands

You can disregard #4. As for web sites I constantly visit, these would include: crunchyroll, youtube, Amazon, Gamestop, Ebay and Fandango. This is an odd combination of websites but it’s literally because I have nothing better to do. Kidding!! I hope that this would tell you that I am into anime, I watch cat videos, and I am addicted to online shopping (who isn’t?).

Genres of music is where I get interesting. I listen to a select few: pop, christian, oldies, and every now and again disco and gospel. This does not mean I don’t listen to other genres of music, but these are the main ones I enjoy. I am not sure what you could possibly learn about me through this except that I go to church because I listen to Christian and Gospel music. Although, if I told you the artists I listen to, then maybe you would learn more. My favorite pop singer is a tie between Taylor Swift and Adele. Whatever that means to you is okay with me.

Do I believe that media effects how we see ourselves. Absolutely! Especially social media. It can be both a curse and a blessing. People post pictures of themselves on Instagram, post their break up stories on Facebook, post their opinion on Twitter, and post 5 seconds of fame on Snapchat. For some people, if they don’t get 20 likes on a picture or post, they get depressed and it makes them think that nobody is interested in their lives. On the other hand, maybe someone who had a tough day got more likes than they thought they would and it ended up changing their mood around. Too many different scenarios, too many results. However, in my honest opinion, people shouldn’t worry about how they don’t compare to the things that they see in media. Self worth is not defined by the newest trend, but by being who you want to be.  That is all that matters.

So back to the question: Who am I? I am just simply, me.

Author: musicstar98

I love music, video games, and Japan!

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