HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self Concept (Prompt 1)

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By disclosing the genre of music I listen to and the types of televisions programs I watch, a person can learn a lot about me. For instance by looking at me, you may not suspect that the majority of music I listen to is rap and hip hop. Music plays a huge roll in my life, it can act as my therapy, my motivation, and also my comfort. Many people are quick to assume that listening to rap and hip hop automatically makes you ignorant, and that may be a person’s assumption of me before they get to know me. Once the person has had a conversation with me, and I’ve explained why I enjoy my music, they’ll be able to see the layers around it. Rap and hip hop can make a person feel happy and uplifted, sad and heartbroken, or it can make a person question authority.

My Web browsing on the other hand would probably bore people to death. Though a person can learn a lot about me this way, they’ll probably get tired of the sheer repetitiveness of my browsing. Going through my browsing, you’ll probably see these websites come up the most: Bestbuy, Youtube, Craigslist, and Amazon. I’m always looking at Bestbuy and Amazon just to see if there are any deals on items I may need to purchase and whether or not it’s a good time to buy. Craigslist makes my list because I check craigslist everyday to see if there are any new listings or deals for wheels and tires for my car. Lastly I love Youtube because I enjoy learning more about the newest technologies at our disposal.

Essentially, if a person were to spy on me as if they were an NSA agent, they could make a lot of inferences about me as a person. They would know my interests, my likes and dislikes, and could overall make a pretty good educated guess on how I am as a person. They would know that I am more of an active person by my choices in music and entertainment, they could also infer that I am extremely interested in cars and new technologies.

I believe that the media plays a huge influence on how we see ourselves. The media is obsessed with what is “sexy”. Both men and women are subject to this obsession, and I feel that it has a strong effect on society in general. The obsession of achieving an unattainable body makes life as a young adult hard and almost painful. We are forced to hold ourselves to this extreme goal in order to be hopefully considered as sexy or attractive, but it’s all in vain. If you adhere to the media’s unrealistic standards, you’ll never be satisfied because you cannot photoshop yourself in real life. The idea of the media’s standards discourages many young adults and has a huge impact on one’s self confidence which can result in many other factors as a consequence.

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