HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self Concept #1

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While I don’t really watch television programs, if one were to see what types of anime I watch they would probably learn a lot about me. The different genres I like, such as action, sci-fi, comedy etc. would let people know that I like these sorts of things. They would also know shows like Steins Gate or the Fate series are my favorite anime. Though I suppose watching as many different genres as I do would probably just seem like I enjoy everything, since I basically do watch every genre of anime. As for Web Sites that I visit, it would just show that I like games, anime,  and drawing. They would probably see that I also as others have said browse a few memes or so and even have a bit of an interest in cooking. As for the genres of music, again that would probably not say much since I enjoy a variety of music, but for the most part I really enjoy rock and metal music. They would also see that Blink-182 and Asian Kung Fu Generation are two of my favorite bands. In the grand scheme of things, many things can be learned from knowing what shows someone likes or music they listen too, and it can really help bond with someone else over those similar interests, as you would probably be likely to approach someone and talk to them if you know what they enjoy.

As for the belief that media influences how we see ourselves, I would have to say that no I don’t really think it does. Most of the time it’s just someone else’s ideal or not ideal perception of a person. If it is someone’s ideal, I don’t really see why that should affect how I see myself, because it is simply someone else’s opinion. Even if it may seem demeaning, it can only really be so if you let it be demeaning to you. I believe that people can control whether or not if something influences you, especially something like media.


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