HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self Concept Prompt #1

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I think that the type of media we watch and surround ourselves with definitely influences us in ways that may even go unnoticed by our own selves. Knowing what kind of music, TV, and websites a person likes reveals a lot about their interests and what they spend their time looking at or watching. Another thing that media does to us is effect the way we act or think. Some of the media if watched, listened, or read enough can influence the way we think by influencing our opinions on thing. The type of music a person listens to reflects what they are into and what other similar things they are into. Usually when you find out one interest of a person, it reveals other things about them too such as the type of person they are. Certain shows, sites, or music can influence us by our decisions on who we choose to be our friends. These things that influence the type of people we hang out with also influence what we spend our time doing and how we behave or present ourselves.

I think media influences how we see ourselves because if we listen to more of a rock or punk music type of genre and watch shows with dark or scary plots then we would clearly perceive ourselves differently than someone who enjoys a lighter genre of music and watches lighter movies for example. Certain songs that are more of the rebellious type or push people to do their own thing can inspire listeners to dress in ways that fight societal “norms” or to rebel against any other societal standards. Other genres of music such as ones with deeper meanings and more emotion can cause people to feel certain ways about romantic relationship or their other relationships in life too. All of these things effect how we see ourselves, how we act, and how others see us because we are constantly surrounding ourselves with them and listening to their messages.

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